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Air Conditioning

At Hoyt's Heating and Air Conditioning, our air conditioning services include both air conditioning repair and installation.

Here in warm, sunny South Carolina, a commercial or home air conditioner is a necessity, especially in the scorching heat of the summer.

The air conditioner condenser cools warm air and the air filter removes dust and allergens, resulting in cool, clean, healthy air so you can breathe easily.

Whether you are interested in a central air unit or a ductless air conditioner, we will help you find an energy efficient air conditioner that will save you money while you beat the heat in your home or office.

As a company with more than 50 years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining air conditioners all over the globe, Hoyt's Heating and Air Conditioning ensures that our technicians are trained in all aspects of the HVAC industry.

Not only can they properly install and maintain your ac unit, but they are well trained in diagnostics and repair so they can take care of your machine should an unexpected problem come up.

We use the best, most technologically advanced tools to diagnose your air conditioning system, and only the best, most efficient replacement parts to repair your system.

If you need a new air conditioner, or if you need your old one repaired, call our expert team at Hoyt's Heating and Air Conditioning today to get yourself, your staff, or your family back into cool, comfortable air!