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Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your heating and cooling system running at optimal level. Making sure your maintenance schedule is followed saves you money in two ways.

The first is that your energy efficient air conditioner or heat pump will continue to be energy efficient, saving you money on your electric bill.

The second is by reducing the number of costly repairs you need by addressing common problems with parts, such as the air conditioner condenser or filter, before they become a major issue.

At Hoyt's Heating and Air Conditioning, we use the best, most sophisticated methods to analyze and diagnose your heating and cooling system, so we can have the best chance at stopping problems before they arise.

One of the most important parts of any heating and cooling system is the air filter. The filter cleans the air before and after it is heated or cooled, giving you the healthiest environment possible.

The filter is also one of the most common sources of HVAC problems, but regular cleaning and replacement with the best air filter for your system is one of the most basic maintenance tasks.

The highly-trained technicians here at Hoyt's Heating and Air Conditioning are experienced in air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace maintenance, including air filter cleaning and replacement.